Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Shower Cookies

Mermaid Cake

This cake was for my princess. She turned 5 and wanted an Ariel cake.

Princess Party

Each princess had an accessory. Snow White had an apple, Ariel had a fish, Cinderella had her glass slipper and Belle had her rose. The cookies were for the bags sent home with each kid after the party. I made tiaras, a carriage, and magic wands (not pictured).

Fairy Toadstool Cake

This cake was inspired by one I saw in Debbie Brown's "50 Easy Pary Cakes" book. I used the basic structure of her toadstool house. I added the toadstool mini cupcakes, dragonfly, presents, frog, etc...

Holiday cake

These are some cakes I took to a friend's holiday party. My daughter drew some holiday images on the parchment paper for decoration.

More "mini" cakes

Colleen - Birthday Cake

This one was chocolate cake with ganache filling.

"Mini" Cakes

These are a sample of the "mini" cakes I make. I made these for a party we had at our house. They are nice to have because you can have an assortment of decorated cakes and flavors. These particular cakes were about 3" around.

Golf Cake

This is a cake I made for mother and son who celebrated their birthdays together. I needed something that wasn't too feminine with a splash of masculine. The bottom layer was lemon cake with lemon cream filling. The top layer was chocolate cake with peanut butter filling.