Friday, August 14, 2009

Absolut Cake

I got an order for an "Absolut Vodka" cake the other day. This is my first time doing a cake like this and I have to admit it was more frustrating than I thought it would be.

I made two attempts. The first "bottle" was too square. I also used a stencil I cut and royal icing for the label since I don't have an edible printer. I didn't like the shape of the bottle or the label. I got mad and ripped off the fondant and started over.

For my second and final attempt, I used an edible marker and royal icing for the bottom of the bottle. I also cut away some of the bottle to make it rounder. I used silver luster dust to create a frosted look.

Ok for a first try I guess. I'm going to look in to getting an edible printer. Would have made my life easier and the cake perfect!

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